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Personal & Employment Information

  Your social security number.


  Names and addresses of all employers for the previous

 two years.


  Employer(s) fax number(s) OR email address for verification

 of employment.


  W-2s from previous two years and most recent pay stub(s) for the

previous 30 days, showing year-to-date earnings.


  Previous two years of federal tax returns.


  If self-employed, provide previous two years of business

 returns, year-to-date profit-loss statement.


  If receiving pension, social security or other fixed income, provide a

copy of the award letter.


  Court ordered documentation verifying child support  income

and/or alimony income.


Alimony, child support, and other maintenance payments need not be included if you do not wish to rely on them to obtain your mortgage loan.




  Most recent bank statements on all deposit accounts for 3 months

period. Statements MUST include names and account number(s).


  Most recent quarterly statements showing all stocks, bonds, and

other securities showing current market value and account numbers.


  Other real estate you own: include addresses, current market value,

current balance, annual taxes, insurance, plus leases.

If your current home is pending sale, please provide a copy of the sales agreement. If your home is already sold, please provide verification of the settlement statement.


Purchase Information


  Sales contract or accepted purchase offer with any amendment(s)

 or counteroffer(s) signed by all parties.


  Proof of cleared down payment check, if applicable.




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